Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: White Stuff

Well, it's about time this newest snowstorm showed up.
     It's been sooooo dry -- and around here, we know what a dry climate's like. Any amount of moisture is not only gratefully welcomed -- it's wished for. So what have we had these past months? A good blizzard or two, then just a faint scraping of snow now and then. 
     My poor garden. Every fresh flake of snow means it might actually be possible to grow stuff in the spring. 

Ironically, in spite of subzero temperatures, the turnip greens are doing just that. 
     Right now.

In keeping with yesterday's post:  24 different ways to build a snowman. (From Mommyshorts)

Finding an early 19th century teapot stand at a bargain price...when you originally thought it was early 20th century.  That's the kind of mistake we all hope to make! (From the Spode History Blog)

Two women who wear pjs to get groceries respond to the guy who posted their photos for the world to see. (Actually, I can see valid points on both sides of this story.)

Do you love the look of fine machine quilting? I just found Debbie Stanton's blog. This award-winning machine quilter is amazing. She's also willing to share some of her tricks and special techniques.

More classics from the Dog Hall of Shame.   (From Life With Lynn)  Including these two gems:

Buck, our Weimie, used to do this. 

Ever see an upside-down waterfall? Thanks to high winds in California, now you can say yes. (From

Who just got snubbed at a White House press conference -- and who got snubbed in the past? The answers to both questions will surprise you. (I sure didn't know.)

21 movie roles hated by the actors who made them. Yes, Mark Wahlberg, The Happening WAS ridiculous -- you're absolutely right.  (From Cracked)   Also:

Five famous people who survived events (sometimes multiple ones) that should have killed them.

Ten definitive pieces of evidence that PROVE the Holocaust really happened. (From Listverse)

Ten mysterious messages...hidden under and beneath other texts!  (From Listverse)

"Helping Mrs. HB get control of her grocery budget." A hands-on experiment in reducing food costs, done by the author of One Hundred Bucks A Month.

The 17 most notable moments in last week's Golden Globes awards. Three cheers especially for Ryan Gosling!   (From Urban Daddy National)

Have a great week. If you've got snow, too...why not go out and play in it?

thanks for the idea, Pinterest

Snowmen, Snow Dogs, Snow...

It's snowing right now. Lovely sight.

The Brick and I made it through yesterday. Thank God. There were some strange twists -- I got to the church to find the kitchen crowded with guys from Prayer Breakfast, scooping up burritos. (Sweet men -- they insisted I have one, too.)
       The church refrigerator died. (Thankfully, the soups I'd put in it were cooked -- and still cold.)
       The potatoes for the third soup disappeared, as did my box of sauces. (Turns out I'd left them outside the church kitchen door the day before. Thankfully, they weren't completely frozen.)
      I finally found them -- and made soup #3 as quickly as I could. (Yes, recipe's coming.) Roared out of there late...but made it to the quilt shop on time, nonetheless.
       According to the Brick, the barbecued chicken wings disappeared in a flash. So did the buffalo chicken wings. The lemon and garlic ones, on the other hand, went begging. I said, "Why not just pour barbecue sauce on the lemon garlic wings?" The Brick looked puzzled. "Didn't think of that," he said.
      People enjoyed the Seniors Luncheon, he said. But the Brick only saw seniors -- no leather jackets or hoopskirts. Darn.

On my end, the appraisal day went beautifully. Whew.

We collapsed. Slept in the next morning... sort of. I had two dogsitting stops, the chickens to feed and a quick trip for milk and necessaries. Then a lovely rest all day, with time to visit Robin Hood, and see the latest Sherlock.

Maybe we'll go out and build a snowman. Snowdog. Or whatever.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Pinterest.)

Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow, Snow, Snow

Forecast says a storm's coming. Which means:

I've seen this a bazillion times here in Colorado. After all:

And, of course...

Maybe a slight exaggeration...

That's the way we roll out here.

You laugh -- but I've seen people do this!

Guess I'd better get my heavy socks out. (I don't usually wear any, to the Brick's chagrin.) 

Life in Zanyland - And Courage

     I have been fighting off the Michigan flu all week. (Shared thanks to The Mama's recent visit.) I'm winning, but it's been interesting. 
     Tomorrow is a big Seniors Luncheon at our church. Normally I would be the one running it...and I've got a post coming in the next few days on cooking frugally for a crowd. 
     BUT tomorrow is also appraisal day at Holly's Quilt Cabin in Littleton. (Go here if you're interested, and want to know more!)

*I've got two of the three soups cooked and ready to heat.

*The chicken wings (three different kinds) are thawing -- just need to be brushed with sauce and baked tomorrow.

*Several different kinds of cake are baked and ready.

*A bunch of people are coming to help set up, take down -- and serve food.

The Brick has kindly offered to help supervise the mayhem. He's a little scared, but willing to try -- and several of the people helping have done this for years. 

     P.S. The Christian Motorcylist Club is meeting in a side building during the Luncheon. A bunch of people are also planning to use the church bathrooms to dress for a Civil War Ball that night, put on by a homeschoolers group. I mentioned this to the Brick, and he burst out laughing. Seniors, bikers in leather jackets, and Civil War belles with crinolines and hoopskirts, all mixed together and wandering around:   "What will the neighbors think?!?"

I'll head over to church tomorrow morning about 7 a.m., make sure stuff is laid out, the first batch of chicken wings ready to bake, and the soups simmering. 

Then it's on to Holly's and appraisals. 

Pray for us. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


This gem comes via Pinterest.

...I don't know whether to laugh or run...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


...wind, and more wind

Boy, has it been breezy around here.

The Brick had to drive schoolbus yesterday, but came home early -- they'd cancelled transportation in the afternoon. Why? Because winds were so high here that anything with a high profile literally could not drive on the highway without the danger of tipping over.

More than 100 semis were stranded near Castle Rock (where we live, just off I-25) for hours.

In case you're wondering, Interstate 25 is the 'backbone' for the Front Range in Colorado. It zips straight down the state, following the mountains from the buffalo marker in Wyoming to Durango in the south. Castle Rock is halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, otherwise known as 'The Springs.'

It was even worse further south:

*At least 16 semis were overturned during the day. (By next day, the count was past 30.)

*30 schoolbusses in the lot for the Harrison school district, south of the Springs, had their windows on one side shattered out last night. Smashed from a windgust. (Thankfully it was late, after school was done.)

*One windgust was measured in Cheyenne Mountain at 101 mph.**  Normally, though, we made do with less --

      *Palmer Lake (where the Brick drives schoolbus) and Monument Hill were only getting 70-90 mph gusts.
      *Based on what I felt, Castle Rock got even less. We were just getting paltry 60 mph or so.

Not to mention your usual mayhem caused by wind: downed trees, ripped-off- shingles and roofs, and flying objects. Our flue pipe literally juggled itself loose from the woodstove, and was banging around. ("I knew I should have wired that down," mused The Brick.)

The winds came back tonight for a while, but all's quiet now. Although we often get windy periods, in more than 30 years of living in Colorado, we have never seen the highway closed to semis -- or schoolbusses drydocked, so to speak, because of wind.

Apparently it happened in Wyoming, too. This was also along I-25:

Next question: Will it start up again?

**Here's a more comprehensive list of top windspeeds on 1-9-17. By the way, windspeeds like this compare to a Level Two hurricane -- or stronger. 
      Ever been to any of these places?

Cheyenne Mountain Air Station - 101 mph
Air Force Academy - 78 mph
Manitou Springs - 99 mph
Colorado Springs Airport - 80 mph
Pueblo - 62 mph
Colorado City - 97 mph
Fountain - 66 mph
Rampart Reservoir - 61 mph
North Colorado Springs - 59 mph
Pikes Peak - 92 mph
Monarch Pass - 54 mph
Monument/Palmer Lake - 70 mph  
San Isabel - 54 mph
Falcon - 58 mph
Black Forest - 50 mph
Walsenburg - 66 mph
Westcliffe - 47 mph
Buena Vista - 41 mph
Fort Carson - 78 mph
Florence - 47 mph
Aguilar - 68 mph
Wolf Creek Pass - 43 mph
La Veta Pass - 42 mph
Trinidad - 74 mph

Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Great One is Gone: Sue Garman

Sue Garman, of Friendswood, TX, died recently of lung cancer.

    She was an amazing quilt designer, an aficionado of applique (it was her first love, she said)...and had affectionate ties with Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson's The Quilt Show.
       Here's their memorial to Sue.

Photo from The Quilt Show 

Take a minute and look at the designs on her website, Come Quilt -- they often have connections with antique designs. And they're just lovely. Like this one, Twirly Balls and Pinwheels:

Twirly Balls and Pinwheels

She had been struggling with health problems for quite some time -- and had lost her husband, Jack Garman, back in September 2016. (If his name sounds familiar to you, it should -- he was one of the primary figures in the Apollo 11 rescue.)

Sleeping Beauty - 4 block version kitted in Christmas fabrics
Sleeping Beauty -- A New York Beauty variation

Her last post on her blog was New Year's Day, and optimistically ended like this:

So... don't lose faith in me and my blog.  I hope to have a bunch of photos to put up in the next couple of week - check on January 15 and see if I've met my goal.  I'll at least tell you that I have finished my Target Practice quilt AND THE PATTERN (it's on the website -, and my blue and white quilt should be finished in the next two weeks (I'm working on that pattern), and a third quilt - a gorgeous replica of an old princess feather quilt - should be finished in the next two weeks, too.  The pattern for that one will be started right after I finish the blue and white quilt.  So there are quilts in process for you to drool over (hopefully!).

Please take time to tell friends how dear they are....  and make this new year the best ever!

I could not find Target Practice as a pattern for sale on Come Quilt, but Sue did write a very long post about it, including variations -- including the mention that it had been chosen for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks special issue. Here it is:

Target Practice -- one version (click on the link above for several more)

I have seen Sue's designs in competitions before, but never actually met her. I wish I had.

Rest peacefully, Sue. Our world is better for you and your influence.

All Around the Town - Full Pattern Set
Sue's design, All Around the Town